Data Science for Astrophysics.

MeDIA is the acronym of Methods and Methodologies for Data and Image Analysis, a field interesting all the entire scientific research framework and applications.

At IASF-Palermo we are mainly interested to those MeDIA aspects related to the astrophysical data analysis, space missions and experiments the Institute is involved in.

Main topics can therefore be envisaged in: information retrieval and features selection from low statistics experimental data sets; study and development of both statistical and possibilistic tools in pattern/image recognition, analysis and classification (3D cluster analysis, computational geometry, fuzzy sets theory, mathematical morphology, Hough transform, filtering, deconvolution); use and integration of software packages in the data analysis systems of interest.

The application field is mainly that of High Energy Astrophysics, Cosmic Rays, and Astroparticles. Simulation and reconstruction of events in the UHECR context, spatially resolved spectroscopy and analysis of images from space-based satellites and ground-based observatories, study of methods for clouds analysis and atmosphere sounding, morphological analysis of Cherenkov signals, are examples of the past and current interests of the MeDIA group at IASF-Palermo.