Technology and R&D

Enabling technology in scientific missions.

The Technology programme is dedicated to achieving the science goals in the Astrophysics programme. The ambition is that the programme enables us to contribute with enabling technology in space missions.

An important feature of the Technology programme is the electronic workshop. IASF-Palermo Electronic Workshop designs and develops electronic equipments for astrophysical experiments. Other than his institutional work with INAF, IASF-Palermo Electronic Workshop also collaborates with other scientific institution to design specific electronic equipments (INFN, CNR, Physics Department of Palermo University, private companies). IASF-PA Electronic Workshop designs electronic apparatuses starting from specific requirements and uses the latest technology for the ultimate scientific instruments development.
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A detailed understanding of a volcano inner structure is one of the key-points for the volcanic hazards evaluation. Using telescopes based on the atmospheric Cherenkov imaging technique, IASF-Palermo researcher proposed a new approach to study the interior of volcanoes detecting the Cherenkov light produced by relativistic cosmic-ray muons that survive after crossing the volcano.
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