Phone and Email Directory

IASF-Palermo direct dialing is +39 091 6809 + extension.
E-mail address for IASF-Palermo personnel has the form or, if not otherwise specified.

ADAMO ANGELO461angelo.adamo senior technologist
AMBROSI ELENA486elena.ambrosipostdoc
ANZALONE ANNA476  anna.anzalonesenior researcher
BURDERI LUCIANO571luciano.burderidirector
CANESTRARI RODOLFO584  rodolfo.canestrarisenior researcher
CARDACI RINA291  rina.cardaciadministrative officer
COMPAGNINO ANTONIO ALESSIOantonio.compagninotechnologist
CONTINO GIOVANNI560  giovanni.continotechnologist
CORPORA MATTIA624  mattia.corporatechnologist
CUSUMANO GIANCARLOgiancarlo.cusumanoresearch director
D’AÌ ANTONINO479  antonino.daisenior researcher
D’ANNA FABIO590  fabio.dannatechnician assistant
DEL SANTO MELANIA473  melania.delsantosenior researcher
FAZIO GIACOMO462  giacomo.faziotechnician assistant
FIASCONARO GIUSEPPE624  giuseppe.fiasconaroresearch fellow
FORESTA CATERINAcaterina.forestaadministrative officer
GARGANO CARMELO564  carmelo.garganotechnologist
GIARRUSSO SALVATORE465  salvatore.giarrussoresearcher
GRAFFEO CINZIA560  cinzia.graffeotechnician operator
LA BARBERA ANTONINO463  antonino.labarberaresearcher
LA PAROLA VALENTINA477  valentina.laparolasenior researcher
LO GERFO FABIO PAOLO567  fabio.logerfotechnologist
MANGANO FRANCESCA574  francesca.manganotechnician assistant
MARINO ALESSIO486alessio.marino1PhD student
MINEO TERESA478  teresa.mineosenior researcher
MINEO SERGIO574  sergio.mineoadministrative officer
MOLLICA DAVIDEdavide.mollicaresearch fellow
NOGARA PAOLO567  paolo.nogaratechnologist
OLIVERI PAOLA580  paola.oliveriadministrative officer
PAGLIARO ANTONIO464  antonio.pagliarosenior researcher
PAIANO SIMONAsimona.paianoresearcher
PINTO CIRO488  ciro.pintosenior researcher
PINTORE FABIO460  fabio.pintoresenior researcher
PINZELLO SALVATORE575  salvatore.pinzellochief administrative officer
RODRIGUEZ GUILLERMO466  guillermo.rodriguezsenior researcher
RUSSO FRANCESCO532  francesco.russotechnician assistant
SANGIORGI PIERLUCA566  pierluca.sangiorgisenior technologist
SEGRETO ALBERTO467  alberto.segretosenior researcher
SETTEMBRE GIUSEPPEgiuseppe.settembretechnician operator
SOTTILE GIUSEPPE567  giuseppe.sottilesenior technologist
TUTONE ANTONIOantonio.tutoneresearcher
XU YERONG PhD student

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Postal address:

Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale e Fisica Cosmica di Palermo
Via Ugo La Malfa 153
90146 Palermo, Italy
General phone numbers:
Italy telephone code is 39. 
Director (Giancarlo Cusumano) (39) 091 6809 571 
Secretariat (39) 091 6809 590 
Administration (39) 091 6809 291/574/575/580 
Telephone Operator (39) 091 6809 111/690