A swarm made of more than one hundred nano satellites. 

HERMES (High Energy Rapid Modular Ensemble of Satellites), a constellation of small satellites, will be a high energy space telescope for gamma-ray bursts and gravitational waves high energy counterparts. It will be a swarm made of more than one hundred nano satellites in low Earth orbit with average separation of 6000 km.

Aims of this nano satellites swarm monitor are the fast and precise measure of the position of bright, transient high energy events and, thank to its unprecedented temporal resolution, their fine temporal structure. The scientific ambition is a test of the quantum gravity theory, probing the ultimate structure of space-time.

IASF-Palermo contributes to HERMES both with gamma-ray burst scientific simulations and in the design of specific hardware equipments (read-out system).

Read more about HERMES on the HERMES official page.

Contact person
Giancarlo Cusumano

Milvia Capalbi
Giancarlo Cusumano
Antonino D’Aì
Melania Del Santo
Nino La Barbera
Valentina La Parola
Giovanni La Rosa
Antonio Pagliaro
Giuseppe Sottile

Technical team
Francesco Russo