INAF exhibition “Time Machines”- The journey through the universe starts with you

From November 25, 2023 to March 24, 2024Palazzo Esposizioni, Rome


Time Machines” is an exhibition about Italian astrophysics and astronomy. What awaits you is a journey through the universe created to make you find out the new frontiers of modern astrophysics and how much Italy is behind the latest great discoveries and incredible images of the cosmos.
Time Machines” is a pop exhibition of images, sounds and words that emerge through the best technologies available and with a modern, accessible and inclusive language. It is a journey that will introduce the public to the main Italian research body for the study of the universe, and that wants to play between the old and the new, with an 80s style, but with contents projected into the future.
This journey is possible thanks to the futuristic man-crafted time machines that observe ever closer to the beginning of everything from the most remote places on the planet to space: large telescopes and big research infrastructures.


Throughout the four-month duration of the exhibition, a wide range of events will be organized at the Palazzo Esposizioni Roma. These will include high-level scientific meetings featuring prominent figures from the global astrophysical and space research community. Additionally, there will be scientific cocktail parties, Poetry Slam sessions, and debates involving intellectuals and politicians active in the field of culture.


Time Machines” provides a series of educational workshops for schools and for families to explore and discover the beauty of the Cosmos together. All the educational and inclusive activities of the exhibition are carried out in collaboration with OAE – Italy.

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