Public outreach

Outreach programmes and public engagement activities.

Astrophysics naturally captures people’s imagination, so the popularization of the scientific culture is an activity that IASF-Palermo has always conducted addressing different audiences. Our regular outreach programmes and public engagement activities are aimed at school students, science teachers and the general public.

The activities, mainly concerning the field of the high energies astrophysics, include seminars and public conferences, guided visits to the laboratories, participation to exhibitions and events of national and international resonance. There is a mixture of individual efforts, concerted programming by larger research initiatives, and active collaborations and partnerships.

School classes of all ages can visit the IASF-Palermo upon appointment. On special occasions, IASF-Palermo scientists also travel to schools to directly present to the school classes and to introduce the students to the fascinating world of science.

The Public Outreach group’s activities are coordinated by an enthusiastic team, if you have any questions, please contact us via email:

Contact person
Valentina La Parola

Angelo Adamo
Melania Del Santo
Giuseppe Fiasconaro
Antonino La Barbera
Valentina La Parola
Teresa Mineo
Antonio Pagliaro
Ciro Pinto